Comforting,spicey,stimulating & intense

The warm and welcoming aroma of Cardamom & clove bring comfort to the soul. Whilst the intensely heady & floral notes of Ylang ylang uplift, soothing matters of the heart. Zesty Orange invigorates the senses & puts a smile on your face. Like sunshine on a cold grey day,bringing one comfort & joy.


I blended these oils together with my family in mind. I wanted to create a nostalgic aroma we all associated with home. In January 2013 my Brother & sister-in-law were embarking on a life changing trip around the world; I wanted to give them a gift that would remind them of their loved ones-should they ever feel home sick. I thought of all the rich exotic spices they would see & smell on their travels & incorporated inspiration from this with spices my dad uses in his ‘worlds best rice pudding’.

This is my ‘home sweet home’ / I miss you / Lets reminisce / candle