From a young age, the seeds were sown for my adoration for make up & perfume by my mums extensive range. As I got older I developed a fascination for designer cosmetics; drawn in by its luxurious packaging and equating a higher price tag with greater quality.

I remember I always had problematic skin. I presumed that because I spent a lot of money on my skincare & make up that I was getting the best quality & that they should in fact help my skin. 

Back in 2006 I decided to research the ingredients within my skincare. I soon realised I was indeed paying for the brand & the packaging rather than the quality and that some of the ingredients were in fact affecting my body negatively. I also found out that the percentage of the ingredients I thought were beneficial to me were included in such nominal amounts. From that moment my own transition to using natural products began, as did my journey of making ‘almost edible skincare & candles’.

For as long as I can remember I have had a heightened sense of smell and still find it so remarkable how smell can conjure up such vivid memories and feelings.  I used to have a box that somehow smelt like a particular perfume- that reminded me of my 16th birthday in Atlanta with my family, I remember I’d literally smell this box if I felt sad so it would bring back happy memories!

So, for me it is essential that my products are made using natural, high quality ingredients, organic where possible & also that they have an aroma from essential oils to positively effect your wellbeing and also be emotive.

During my pregnancy in 2012 was when I decided that I would be 100% natural with my whole range of skincare and later followed suit with my range of candles. I became increasingly sensitive to anything that had artificial fragrances in them & find they now trigger my migraines.

For me, Almost edible was the beginning of my journey of self healing & happiness and still is to this day. I have created my products with my friends & family in mind, be that my son;using ingredients known to calm a rash or a candle for a friend combined with all the essential oils that remind me of them. It has been a real labour of love & has taken me years to perfect my final range of Artisan Candles, a skincare range & one for babies too.

I am so excited to share this with you and look forward to releasing new products in 2016.