cinnamon/clove/orange/ cardamom/ginger

homely,spicey, balancing,comfortinG

A delicious blend of Zesty orange balanced perfectly with Cinnamon & clove, not forgetting  the all important Ginger & Cardamom for extra depth & a warming spicy twist.


Nothing makes me happier then when someone smells this candle, their face lights up and I hear "This smells just like Christmas" Ive heard this more times than I've actually had Christmases & it makes me smile each time! 

During the winter months it can feel like night comes earlier; we can become lethargic, a little down & long for warmer brighter days. Although this candle incorporates oils that may remind us of Christmas Ive used them because of their warming, uplifting & empowering properties.

This candle is a reason to look forward to day becoming night.

This is my Lets reflect / Cosey nights in / Christmas Candle