Energising, crisp, refreshing & awakening

Re-energise & re-charge with the exhilaratingly fresh yet tranquil aroma.A wonderful blend of uplifting May Chang, herbaceous Basil, Eucalyptus and Peppermint helps to focus your concentration, giving you clarity of thought.
A breath of fresh air; allowing you to expel mental exhaustion, breathe deeply & balance ones emotions.


This blend of oil initially started with Eucalyptus. The sharp, fresh scent instantly reminds me of my mother & how she cared for me when I wasn’t well, especially during those cold, dark winters. She would smother me in a vapour rub & im not sure if it was the oils used in the rub or my mothers loving touch-but it would always make me feel chirpier & re-energised.

I burn this candle on those dark, cold mornings when my body is awake but my mind hasn’t yet caught up. When I need to accomplish just ‘one more thing’ on my never ending to-do list, this candle gives me that extra skip in my step. It is my caffeine!

If I’m feeling over emotional & overwhelmed this is my go to candle.

This is my New Beginnings / I forgive you / Im ready for what life throws at me/ Candle